Wild Capitalism

TV serie
Genre: documentary
8 episodes of 26 min
Created by: Mario Cohen

Logline: When we think about consumption markets, the first thing that comes to mind is big capitals like New York, London, Dubai or Tokyo. But capitalism is everywhere, even in those places where we least expect, like war zones and in countries living under the poverty line.

Fashion Week in Tehran, Mercedes Benz Dealerships in Somalia, high end restaurants in Caracas are but a few examples that contradict the stereotypical image the world has over some of these places; Places that count with a solid luxury market on constant growth.

So how can that happen? What is the relation between wealth and development? How can it be that in a place where reality is bombs being dropped or people starving on sidewalks can consume without any sense of guilt?

These are some of the answers that the series Wild Capitalism will bring; showcasing that in the “jungle” you can also buy goods. AND LOTS OF IT. In each episode a country will be visited and we will only show a side that no one knows about.