Saga Animal

13 episodes of 11’
Genre: Animation
Created by: Indigo Ayer and Philippe Barcinski
Status: development completed

Logline: Ígor [9 years old] is the only human volunteer at the CERROPRO- Center for the Reception and Recovery of Problematic Animals – a secret society founded by an octopus, a wolf, a cat and a pig with the goal of rescuing animal who have developed weird habits as they lived with their owners. Helping the “patients” reconnecting with their “inner animals”, Igor will develop his more humane side.

In each episode a problematic animal is rescued by CERROPRO and brought back to the mansion where the Secret Society is based in order to receive treatment, as they lost touch with their “inner animals”. As they assimilate typically human neurosis, originally from their owners, the animals have adopted incompatible behavior with their animal nature.